Things You Need to Remember Before Storing a Vintage Car

Things You Need to Remember Before Storing a Vintage Car

Storing a vintage car can be as troublesome as petting an elephant in your home. You need to invest a lot in expense, experience and expertise in storing such a car. You certainly don’t want to let it go in vain. Before you take an initiative for storing the car you need to have some necessary suggestions on vintage car storage.

  • Preparation for storing:

Before you proceed with your plan of storing your car make sure to wash it inside out. A clean inside, free from any dirt or residues, prevents  infestation of insects or pest.

  • Take care of the fuel and tires:

Before you store the car be certain that the tank is full of clean and new oil as dirty and old oil  may make it difficult to keep the car running. If you are planning to not use the car within 6 months of storage, then make sure that you drain out the engine. But it is important  to take the car out for a drive at least once in a month to keep it in good condition. Change the tyres frequently, otherwise  they may cause you a fortune to get  them repaired. Use tyre jacks to save them from getting flat spots.

  • Don’t forget about the batteries:

Remove the batteries because they can leak acids. Removing them will save you from any unwanted trouble in  future. Put some boxes of baking soda inside the car as they absorb moisture. Cover the car even though it is stored in a completely clean and dry space.

  • Storage space:

Storing your car in a garage attached to your home makes it impossible to keep it free from dirt and damage due to continuous exposure to the outside world. Don’t even think about keeping it in a barn, because vintage car storage requires a clean and dark place.

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