A Guide for your classic car storage in Northamptonshire

A Guide for your classic car storage in Northamptonshire

Like individuals, our vehicles / classic cars also need a different place to stay. Whether it’s an old vintage car or a new one, vehicles often need to relocate for the benefit of both the owners and the vehicle. In many cases, there are large investments involved in relocating cars into Vehicle Storage Northamptonshire.

Keeping your Classic Car in a unit or parking space is a unique attempt that requires preparation.  Storing your car for a diminutive period is a basic concept for most car owners. All you need is a storage place or a garage and a cover for your vehicle to be stored properly. But, if you are thoughtful about vehicle storage Northamptonshire for the long term then there are certain important considerations that the vehicle owner needs to keep in mind. Mentioned below are some points to guide you through when seeking to store your vehicle in a storage unit.

·         Be sure of having a proper coolant level if you are looking forward to Classic Car Storage in Northamptonshire

·         Change the oil and filter before vehicle Storage Northamptonshire

·         Before you opt for vehicle storage get your car waxed and cleaned

·         The tires of the vehicle needs to be inflated to the appropriate pressure

·         Release the parking brake

·         Keep the window slightly opened

·         Keep the doors of your Classic Car locked

Take your vehicle out periodically for a run to understand the functioning before storing your vehicle in a self-storage facility for the long term.  Classic Car Storage Northamptonshire for a long term would make you eligible for discounts in the insurance policy, so make sure to inform your insurance agent. Mentioned below are some points one needs to look at.

1.      Indoor storage

If you are selecting a self-storage facility you need to make sure you only choose the one that is best suited for your vehicle type as they vary from one another. Your vehicle storage is going to be for the long term and so make sure that it is protected from harsh weather. Indoor Classic Car storage can guarantee that your vehicle is dry, dust, and frost-free at all times. This would confirm that your vehicle storage remains safe and in smooth condition even when stored for the long term.

2.     Top security and safety

A vehicle storage facility does not confirm safety. Gaze at the kind of precautions that are delivered to ensure that your vehicle remains damage-free. Check the security measures of the place before opting for it. Nevertheless, look for storage with proper security measures you can be sure that effective measures are taken for the same.

3.      Insurance cover

Ensure that the classic car storage facilities offer you proper insurance facilities. Ask whether they provide you full market value against the claims. This would guarantee that in case of any mishap you and your vehicle are covered by the insurance company. 

4.      Time maintenance

A reputed and veteran classic car storage Northamptonshire knows the importance of timely maintenance and so they would possess a proper schedule for regular maintenance of your vehicle. They will check the tire pressure, clean your vehicle, and so on.

Many people in the UK are opting for these storage facilities. Classic Car storage in Northamptonshire is a great solution and a cost-effective service. The above-mentioned points in this blog would help take the right decision in choosing a vehicle storage facility. So, what are you waiting for? Contact the Auto Car Storage Company today!